Rover: For Dog Lovers

Rover website

This dog loving company known as Rover is going viral and is becoming quite popular. It is available in various states around the U.S. which makes it easily accessible.  also, Rover requires a background check on their employees so that customers feel safe leaving their furry companions with a stranger. Jobs in this industry vary from dog walking, boarding, visiting, and daycare. Not only that, the Rover customer can see information and services that Rover employees have to offer. This way the customer can see if their pup suites the given criteria.

Stella and stash in truck

I decided to join Rover because of my love for all animals but dogs more than anything. Rover is perfect for getting to know people and play with their furry companions as well. Also, I’m highly skilled with animals being that I used to live on a ranch and partake in animals shows when I was younger. The services I have to offer range from giving shots or medicine orally to giving baths. stella and stash at Hat rock

If you ever need someone to watch your dog you can confide in me to care for them to the best of my ability. To find more info. please contact me through the Rover app. Or, click on my Rover profile link below to review the services I have to offer and background check.

If you have any questions or concerns let me know.



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